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Job Interview Tips for an Introvert

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To this day, there are still many people who misunderstand the concept of introvert-extrovert. When speaking stiffly, immediately judge yourself as an introvert. When one day you want to feel alone at home, you don’t want to meet people, you immediately judge yourself as an introvert too. Let’s fix the understanding first.

According to Expert, put forward by Carl Gustav Jung, an Introvert is a type of personality person who focuses energy within himself which is called thoughtful activities. His psychic energy just spins around inside by contemplating, fantasizing, and imagining.

What are the Effects?
Because introverted people focus more on themselves, they feel more comfortable doing activities alone. Introverts will feel freedom in any case when alone. The influence is of course on the characters that are shown to the environment as quiet, serious, careful, and calm.

Think about it. Does a quiet person mean he can’t talk? Introverts don’t mean they can’t communicate, it’s just that to communicate they will choose the time, environment and sentences used more carefully.

How About a Job Interview?
Well, if you can’t answer questions during an interview or are nervous and stammer when answering, don’t immediately turn on introverts. That means you have to practice so you get used to answering HRD questions.

The extrovert type also has a feeling of nervousness and may not speak fluently because they don’t know what to answer. So, the most important thing is to practice a lot and keep exploring the possible questions that will be asked by the interviewer.

If you are aware or already know that you are an introvert, then focus on the strengths you have. You can continue to hone these strengths and will add your values ​​to yourself. Take advantage of this, instead of being considered wrong or judging that introverts are a weakness.

Introverts have many strengths, for example: sensitive and have high empathy, analytical, and have a strong logical framework, detailed, organized, careful and careful, and strong in terms of strategy and planning.

So in conclusion, both introverts and extroverts have the same opportunities, it all depends on the personal readiness of each when facing a job interview. Hope this article helps you.

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