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3 Reasons Why Your Interviews Always Fail

Source: Pixabay.com

The interview stage, according to some people, is scary. The reason is that there is a sense of fear that passes if you can’t answer the question properly. It is undeniable that this stage is the stage where HRD can delve deeply into everything about yourself.

Not a few people fail in the interview process. With various reasons and causes of their failure.

What are the causes?

  1. You don’t know yourself very well
    The fact is knowing yourself is a difficult thing for some people, right?
    The proof is that you are confused when asked, “what are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?” You are also confused when asked, “why did you apply for this position?”

That is proof that you do not know yourself well. Therefore, before going to the interview stage, you must know yourself well.

  1. Don’t know the job and the company
    Don’t get the wrong perception, maybe many of you are also confused about the answer to the question “do you know what your responsibilities will be in this position?” not to mention being asked, “why should we hire you for this job?”

This question is a trick question from HRD, to test how far your knowledge is about the company you are applying for. The more knowledge you know, the more serious you are about applying for this position.

  1. Minus communication
    The most important thing is that you must have the awareness that the interview is a 2-way or more communication process. So the way you deliver your answers, the sentences you use, and the gestures you show influence the results. So learn good communication techniques, so that the results are also maximized.

What’s the solution?

  1. Research
    Both within yourself, as well as for the jobs and companies you wish to apply to. You have to look for various references, and information, read and want to learn about it. So that later, during the interview process, it will be easy for you to answer questions from HRD.
  2. Practice
    Communication is a skill that can be trained. Looking for references below is also fine, but you have to adapt it to your communication style. Find out your communication style and combine possible answers that you will say. Also, your answer must be original, not the same template as thousands of others.

Those are some of the reasons you failed during the interview process and you can also apply these solutions to solve the problem of your failure.

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